The Waydoo Flyer.

The Waydoo Flyer is an eFoil board designed to make you fly above the water. The ability to foil anywhere and anytime without wind or waves creates the most fantastic watersports experience that has ever been seen.


Easy to Operate and Quick to Master

Waydoo Flyer has 5 speed options to meet the various needs of rookies and athletes. The rider can use the remote control to adjust the speed while using their body to balance for directions and different motion postures.

Robust Energy Source, Long Endurance

Application of the mature industrial-grade UAV energy management system to ensure the high-standard safety, the Waydoo Flyer battery features a better intelligent charge and discharge management with the maximum endurance time of 75 minutes. When the battery is lower than 20%, the first LED of remote control will flash and the output power of the motor is halved. At this point, the rider shall return to shore.


Module Design for Easy Disassembling

The Waydoo Flyer is designed in modularized fashion that such core components as the main body, motor, battery and hydrofoil can be quickly disassembled. The components can be loaded into a regular vehicle for easy transport.

Quality Assurance

Through years of R&D and manufacturing of intelligent hardware of drones, the technical team has gained extensive experience in structural design, fluid mechanics, industrial design, electromechanical design, and manufacturing. Waydoo has built up a complete production supply chain to provide better quality products at the most affordable price.


Fly over water
Anywhere Anytime Anyone

Waydoo Flyer electric hydrofoil cleverly uses the take-off principle of fixed-wing aircraft and skillfully incorporates the electromechanical control technology to allow players to surf at any time with or without waves, opening up a new way of surfing.


Wireless Remote Control.

Waydoo Flyer is controlled by a wireless remote control designed with IP67 waterproof. The remote control communicates with the board via Bluetooth. The player can control the speed by pulling the trigger.


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